June 20, 2016

San Francisco isn't exactly known for it's hot weather- even in summer but we've had a bit of a heatwave this weekend.  When it is hot I usually only want one kind of wine, Rosé. The thing that many people don't realize is that Rosé isn't really one kind of wine. Rosé...

June 15, 2016

Wine and music pair well together, they always have. BottleRock is a music and wine festival that is held annually in Napa. I’ve always wanted to go but never get around to buying tickets before they are sold out. This year I owe a huge thanks to Cakebread Cellars. The...

April 3, 2016

Generally we associate life’s celebrations with champagne and life’s disappointments with whiskey but I think a lot of wines are up to the task. Below you’ll find some of the best (and worse) times of your life and the wines that I’d pair with them.

You got the job/You...

February 5, 2016

I realize that the original intent of this blog was to try a wine from all 50 states so I’m taking a bit of a detour, though I guess that depends on what you define as a “wine”. St. James Winery located in Missouri is infamous for its production of fruit wines and I wa...

January 24, 2016

When I think of the Carolina’s I think of doughnuts and snow, but that probably has a lot to do with visiting my cousins there during winter. Again, North Carolina is not a place most people think of for wine, but not only are there wine regions there, they actually ha...

January 18, 2016

I recently had the joy of trying Wollersheim Winery’s Prairie Fume which won Best in Hybrid White, Best Seyval Blanc and a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. At $9 it is a particular steal. The flavor was crisp, but I would warn...

January 12, 2016

So on this virtual road trip I’m trying my best to keep the states I review as close together as possible, however there will be some jumping around. I’ve currently got about 26 states in my cellar but will be working on filling it out over the year. I’m open to any su...

January 4, 2016

  When people think of the wine regions of America they probably think of the Napa Valley first and then several other regions of California. They may also think of regions in Washington like Columbia Valley and regions in Oregon like Willamette Valley but they probabl...

January 3, 2016

Here’s a secret, anyone can host a wine party. Why host a wine party, because it’s fun, that’s why. You only need a few basic things:

  • People

  • Wine

  • Pen & Paper/Cellphones to take notes

  • Palate Cleansers

So the first step is find the people, w...

July 2, 2015

Photo Courtesy of Rockwall Winery

One of the things I like to say is, “I’m a mother, I’m not dead.” Let’s face it, becoming a parent creates huge life changes but your life doesn’t stop. As a parent I’m always looking for family friendly wine events and I’ve found a gre...

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