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Now for the Carolinas

When I think of the Carolina’s I think of doughnuts and snow, but that probably has a lot to do with visiting my cousins there during winter. Again, North Carolina is not a place most people think of for wine, but not only are there wine regions there, they actually have a school with a viniculture department. Surry College runs Surry Cellars and Surry, in honor of its 50th Anniversary released a Sparkling Petit Manseng. Although this wine is not currently available for purchase, future vintages will be.

Petit Manseng is a grape you don’t hear about a lot in the United States, but it does have a reputation in France. I paired this wine with tangerine juice for some of the best mimosas I ever had. I also tried to make vegan jello champagne shots. It wasn’t successful, but I don’t blame the wine. So, what’s your favorite way to prepare mimosas? Comment below.

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