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Parings for Life

Generally we associate life’s celebrations with champagne and life’s disappointments with whiskey but I think a lot of wines are up to the task. Below you’ll find some of the best (and worse) times of your life and the wines that I’d pair with them.

You got the job/You lost the job

You need something red, bold and high in alcohol content. Which brings me to Zinfandel. Zinfandel’s characteristically high alcohol content makes it a logical choice in either situation.

You’re getting married/Your getting divorced

It’s a tender emotional moment in your life so this calls for a wine with a lighter body. For this I suggest a Rose. Pink is the color of love after all so this makes perfect sense.

Someone died/Someone is born

Either way the circle of life is staring you straight in the face. Whether it’s good news or bad news it’s a big change and you probably want comfort and familiarity. For me that’s Pinot Noir. A light bodied red it’s one of the wines I first fell in love with.

You love where you live/You hate where you live

Maybe you are buying your first home or maybe you are stuck with shitty roommates. I think most people probably think of beer for this kind of situation but I think you probably want something stronger and would recommend beer’s fruity cousin, Sangria.

Any other life celebration or disappointment

Cabernet Sauvignon is the solution to the rest of life. A full bodied cab basically pairs with anything, really.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below.

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