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Wine Journaling

Last month I spent a week in the woods outside of Yosemite with (almost) no wi-fi. It's an annual tradition in my family to visit Camp Mather. Camp Mather is a family camp where you can choose from an array of activities while you attempt to relax. As a working mom the biggest perk for me is that someone else cooks all the meals for the week. My dad was able to get a sneak peek of the menu and we set out together pairing our wine choices for lunch and dinner.

Originally I was planning on devoting a post to our pairings but as I quickly discovered despite all our best efforts, storing wine in the dark closet, chilling whites/roses and choosing great wines we couldn't beat the heat. Temperatures topped out at 99 degrees Fahrenheit and most of the wines tasted dented through no fault of their own. But in the efforts of preparing for my post I finally cracked open my Moleskine Wine Journal.

I originally picked this up because I feel in love with the cover which has black embossed wine bottles and glasses. I meticulously journaled the wine and in that process learned a lot about what I like and what I dislike in a wine journal. I've laid out the pros and cons for me, but like wine someones con can be another one's pro. I've included some photos below.


• Stylish Cover, this is a huge reason why I bought it in the first place

• Customizable Stickers and Tabs, that way you can choose what you want to focus on

• Small pocket in back for you to keep business cards

• Has a section for Spirits in addition to wine


• Large Size, it would have been much easier to tote around a smaller journal

• The lines aren't clear on the pages, so I often wrote things in the "wrong" section

• Doesn't have a place to attach a pen

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