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Red, White and Blue?

With Mother's Day around the corner champagne has been on my mind and just my luck I was invited to a tasting by Thea of Luscious Lushes, Liza of Brix Chicks, Becca of The Gourmez and a few others including Frances from Amandus Wines. Frances poured three stellar champagnes and one equally stellar red wine. The wines were all from the Lemaire Family which has been making wine for over 150 years and 5 generations in France.

It sounds silly, but I really identify with and appreciate family wine makers like Lemaire because wine has always been a large part of my family and our traditions. This particular night we tried three champagnes, the Cuvee Select - Blanc De Noirs made with 100% Pinot Meunier, the Cuvee Trianaon made with 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay and the 2009 Cuvee Les Hautes Prieres - Millesime. I loved all of them and it was a delight to try them with food like truffled chips, goat cheese, cheddar, strawberries, choclate, crackers and more. These wines are served in some of the nicest restaurants across the country including several in Las Vegas including Joel Robuchon. For more information about these wines including where you can get them locally you can contact Frances at

At the end of the tasting we all broke in to the pot luck wine which included a blue sparkler. Don't get me wrong, the wine was good and I do love the novelty of a blue wine, but none of the wines including my sparkler from South Africa could really compare to the Lemaire wine. They make truly special champagne that you should check out. See some photos below and there are more on Instagram.

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