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Golden Grape Warriors

People who follow my blog may notice I'm on Instagram much more than I am here. As a working mom it can be really challenging to find the time to sit down and write out detailed reviews. You know what else is challenging? Keeping track of those notes. A few months ago I had the honor of joining Raquel on the Oakland Urban Wine Trail with See.Eat.Love. I was excited about writing a post after sharing images all day on Instagram and when I sat down to write about it, I couldn't find my notebook. I couldn't even remember which notebook I used even though it was not that long ago. I searched all the journals I could find, but no notes. I even reached out to the women I toured with to see if they caught my journal on their camera roll but no luck.

Last week I was cleaning and guess what I found, the missing Strawberries and Cream notebook with all of my notes. So now that I have found the notebook I'm going to make time to write them up this weekend. I need to do something to take my mind off the crushing Warrior's loss.

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