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Sunday, Bloody (Mary) Sunday

Brunch is HUGE in San Francisco and right behind Mimosa's my second favorite brunch drink is a Bloody Mary. I like the flavor of Bloody Mary's so much I typically chose the mix as my free drink on airplanes, sometimes I even spring for the Vodka in flight. The Bloody Mary Fest is devoted to promoting and showcasing the drink (and it's cousin the Michelada). They tour several cities each year showcasing local bars, restaurants, caterers and more. This year they were in San Francisco on October 1st. The tickets sold out quickly, but I was lucky enough to nab a morning volunteer shift that guaranteed my admission.

The vast majority of the Bloody Mary's were make with Crater Lake Vodka, from Crater Lake Spirits. Overall, I found the Bloody Mary's to be a bit spicier than my tastes since there was not much food to balance it, but I found the drink from FIVE incredibly refreshing-heat without a burn. I was also a big fan of Scoma's Restaurant which topped their drink with a crab cake and Kitchen Story which topped their drink with Millionaire's Bacon. When in doubt, top a cocktail with meat.

Participants included: Cliff House

Finnegans Wake


Kitchen Story

Mission Bowling Club

Scoma's Restaurant

St. Mary's Pub


The 500 Club

The Front Porch

Pacific Pickle Works

Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary

Pablito's Micheladas

Check out the gallery of photos.

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