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A Rosé By Any Other Name

To me the greatest joy of wine is sharing wine. So with that in mind my dad and I planned a few wine parties at his house this past October. The first party focused on Pinot Noir Rosés from a variety of regions. The popularity of Rosé has waxed and waned over the years but at the moment it's popular, crazy popular. Don't believe me? Check out the #roséallday.

We started with a 2015 Donovan Parke wine from California, it had a deep color with an aroma of honey and smoke, but the taste was more of a sharp citrus. We followed this with a 2016 Longford Estate wine from Monterey County, which had a lighter color with both an aroma and taste of strawberries. Our final domestic wine was a 2016 Cardwell Hill Cellars from Oregon, but unfortunately it was corked.

After we finished with the domestic wines we moved on to one wine from Australia and two from New Zealand. The 2016 Bird in Hand Winery wine from Australia, was similar to the Longford Estate wine and I found it to be the best structured of what we tasted. The 2016 Amisfield Vineyard wine from New Zealand had a pear and honey taste and the 2016 King's Desire, also from New Zealand had a citrus taste.

After the still wines we closed the event with a sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé from Davis Family Vineyards in Healdsburg. See the slideshow below.

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