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Nothing Wrong with Taking it Slow

First off I'd like to thank Slow Wine, who allowed me to attend their San Francisco tasting for free as a media guest. You might be asking yourself what is Slow Wine? Related to the Slow Food movement in Italy, Slow Wine focuses on producers that create their wines in more natural ways, think organic grapes, biodynamic vineyards, sustainable farming practices etc. Started in Italy, Slow Wine has expanded to California producers and next year they will be adding Oregon wineries. If you'd like to know more I recommend you pick up the 2018 Slow Wine Guide.

The tasting was mostly Italian producers, however there were also a handful of California wineries participating. The producer that stuck out the most to me was Vinica. Located in Molise they use native yeasts and are in the process of converting to organic farming. They stuck out to me for both their quality and the diversity in their wines (they offer multiple white and red wines, along with some other offerings including rosé). My favorite was their 2015 Trebbiano Terre Degli Osci for it's rich taste and its alluring orange hue. Unfortunately, when I inquired if they were distributed in the US, they told me not yet, however you can order some of their wines directly from their website. There's a slideshow below of their wines and other snap shots from the tasting.

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