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Welcome To The World Of Wine

My name’s Kelly and I love wine. But, who doesn’t?!

What sets this wine blog apart, is that it’s dedicated to making wine more approachable and fun. I grew up in a family that had wine on the dinner table every night, even if that dinner table was a folding one in front of the television.

I’ve always kept an open mind about wine and have come to realize how few other people keep an open mind when it comes to wine. Experts tend to have a singular approach when evaluating wine and believe that others must uphold similar standards. However, wine is an individual experience and you may have a completely different palette than that (or any other) expert.

I want people to feel comfortable liking a wine that someone else doesn’t. I also want people to try wines that are out of their comfort zone. That varietal you’ve never heard of? You should try it. That wine from a state you don’t think can make wine? You should try it too.

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