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A Great Wine Region You've (Probably) Never Gone To

Big thanks to The Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association for providing me with free tickets so that I could attend Barrel Tasting Weekend. I was only available for the first day of this two day event, but was able to visit several wineries and tasting rooms, including Murrieta's Well, Crooked Vine, Stony Brook, Ehrenberg Cellars, Nottingham Cellars, Vasco Urbano Wine Company and Longevity Wines. I've had dozens of wines from Livermore, but somehow I've never been to Livermore's expansive wine country. I sincerely regret that it took me this long to visit a wine region so close to me, but I'm looking forward to visiting again this Friday.

What does Livermore have to offer? Besides the incredible caliber of the grapes grown there they have a team work spirit that is so strong you can taste it in the wine, Collin of Nottingham Cellars put it best when he said, "High tides raise all ships". Livermore winemakers are passionate about their terroir and winemaking and that passion makes good wines even better to drink. Livermore's history as a wine region goes all the way back to the 1800's when the first wineries in Livermore Valley were founded by Carl H. Wente & James Concannon, whose families run those winereies to this day.

There's a photo gallery below with some highlights and I've included a few links to help you learn more about what Livermore has to offer.

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