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Rocky Mountain Wine

Colorado is another state that many people don't think of as a wine region, but they actually have a few different wine regions in the state and two federally recognized AVA's. About a decade ago I had the opportunity to try Creekside Cellars Robusto and it is a wine that I will remember forever because of it's rich taste and full body flavor. Creekside Cellars doesn't release a Robusto every year (it's their proprietary Bordeaux blend) but when they do it's worth picking up. It made such an impression that I've been following Colarado wine ever since.

Recently I tried Creekside Cellars Rosso Wine. Though a great red blend, it doesn't compare to my memories of the Robusto. In an effort to further explore wine from Colorado I also drank a 2011 Petit Verdot from Balistreri Vineyards and a 2009 Merlot from Cottonwood Cellars. Both were great but I noticed that they all needed more time to breath then I am used to with California reds. I'm curious if it has to do with the higher elevation the grapes are grown and bottled at.


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