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Wine Bloggers Conference '16 - Day Two

Yesterday was great, but somehow today was even better. The day started out with a keynote by Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson. Her humor was a perfect start to the day. Afterwards we got to hear from the winemakers at Michael-David, Lange Twins Winery and Bokisch Vineyards about growing grapes and making wine in Lodi. The panel was moderated by Mark Chandler the mayor of Lodi. There was also a morning panel on The Truth About Viticulture, which had a lively discussion and disagreement on Vertical Shoot Positions (VSP).

Lunch had an expo with too many tables to name, but I particularly enjoyed the Oakland Urban Wine Trail table and not just because they had free USB powered fans in 90+ degree weather. I ended up choosing their break out panel where I got to blend Zin with Michael of Dashe Cellars and Brendan of Periscope Cellars. The afternoon wrapped up with a Live White Wine tasting and blogging where winemakers had 5 minutes to pour and talk to the table about their wine. I took notes and photos and plan to post those on Instagram over the next few days.

The evening was devoted to a Mystery Excursion, I chose " Pick A Peck Of Picpoul" because I love Picpoul and it's pretty hard to find. That meant I ended up at Acquiesce Winery. It was such an incredible experience that I feel it needs its own dedicated post, which I will write and post next week. It was also fabulous to have dinner with not one but TWO other San Francisco natives, Liza of Brix Chicks and Thea of Luscious Lushes.

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